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Avola Decision is part of the Bizzotope group

Our group shares the belief that work and the atmosphere at work are equally as important. We've cemented this in what we call the 4 Ps.

Social responsibility

The Bizzotope group believes that organisations do not only have obligations to their people, but to the community as well. That is why we actively pursue social initiatives
Every worker at Avola Decision spends 10% of their working hours on social initiatives of their choice.
5% of the dividends each year are donated to a social initiative of our choice.


The most significant times in
Avola's history

  • 2015First release of Avola

    The first version of Avola Decision was based on the framework The Decision Model by Larry Goldberg. Our platform was an early early implementor of the framework. Our founders were inspired by The Decision Model and saw the opportunities it created for organisations. That's how Avola 1.0 came to be.
  • Sept. 2015Decision Model and Notation (DMN) v1.0 published

    In 2015, the first version of the Decision Model and Notation standard was published by the Object Management Group. It allows both business and IT users to structure and visualise decisions in an efficient way. The release of this standard inspired us at Avola to visualise decision models in a better way so we adopted the DMN standard into our platform.
  • March 2018Release of Avola Decision v2.0

    In March 2018, Avola 2.0 was released. The release focused mainly on creating a better user experience. The navigation dashboard was renewed to make it easier to build and test decision models, and certain features such as creating favourites for easy access were added.